Android update broke the Xiaomi smartphones: Gadgets: Science and technology:

Smartphones Xiaomi Mi 8 ceased to show the desktop after the installation of Android updates. To user complaints drew the attention of edition iXBT. The owners of the device Xiaomi noticed that the device cannot load desktop after updates on Android 10. In the incident accused the proprietary shell MIUI 11, which is supplied together with the current update to Android. Journalists tested the latest version of the OS on the smartphone Xiaomi Mi 8 and was faced with a similar problem. According to iXBT Desk “breaks” after a few hours of use updated. Journalists noticed that the problem cannot be solved by rebooting or resetting the device to factory settings, as the system refuses to accept the current password. In the whole 8 Mi continues to work: for example, to receive calls and SMS and run applications. With the help of readers, the publication found out that the bug likely applies to a specific device, as owners of other smartphone Xiaomi complain about the disappearance of the desktop. To get rid of the error, you need to go into the settings app “desktop MIUI” and remove the update. Xiaomi has not yet responded to the problem. Users of Xiaomi smartphones already complained about update Android 10. In particular, at the end of January the owners of the Xiaomi Mi 9T stated that after the installation of the actual system, the battery life of their devices has been greatly reduced. Then the owners of vehicles are advised to roll back the phone to factory settings. Xiaomi Mi 8 was presented in June 2018, initially the device came with Android OS 8. 1. The actual update Android 10 should receive or have already received the Mi 2S smartphone Mix, Mix 3 Mi, 8 Mi, 8 Mi Pro, Mi 8 Explorer Edition, Pocophone F1.

Vice-President of Iran contracted the coronavirus: Policy: Peace:

Vice-President of Iran for women and family Mosuma Ebtekar said that he had contracted the coronavirus SARS-CoV-2, reports TASS reported citing local media. According to the Agency, the politician took the test on February 26. The results became known on the morning of the 27th. In order not to facilitate the spread of infection, Ebtekar will remain in quarantine. She is not the first politician of the Islamic Republic, which has identified a new virus type. About the positive test results earlier reported the head of the Committee on national security of the Majlis, Parliament of Iran, Mojtaba Sonnur, MP Mahmoud Sadeki. Also contracted by the Deputy Minister of health Iraj of Hariri. Earlier on February 27, it was reported that Iran has become one of the hotbeds of the spread of the virus outside of China. There from called illnesses COVID-19 killed 22 people — more than anywhere except China. According to the latest data, in total the world is infected with a new type of coronavirus is approximately 82.5 thousand people. Of these, more than 2.8 thousand died and more than 33.2 thousand — cured. In addition to China, which first identified the virus, cases COVID-19 recorded in more than 40 countries.

Polar bears moved South of the Arctic: Event: 69th parallel:

Polar bears in the Arctic began to develop unusual territory for them and go to the South due to the melting ice in the Arctic seas. This was announced by Director of gydansky nature reserve in the Tyumen region Vyacheslav Berlin, reports TASS. According to him, the scientists plan to investigate the habitat of the animal in parallel with the counting of their population. “I think we’ll see that he moves independently to the South more,” said Berlin. Deputy Director of Institute of problems of ecology and evolution (IPEE RAS) Ilya Mordvintsev indicated that relocation of bears is dangerous for residents of the Northern settlements. He recalled that every year animals are increasingly coming to the people on Novaya Zemlya and Nenets Autonomous district. Earlier, the Ministry of environment has launched a four-year program of research and determination of the number of polar bears, the exact amount of which are still not known. Counting will be held in the Russian Arctic in 2024. In recent years, the Arctic ice cap record melt. In 2005, the area was 300 thousand square kilometers in 2018 — a total of 200 thousand.

Found bribe former Colonel Zakharchenko 1.4 billion: the Investigation and trial: law enforcement agencies:

Former interior Ministry Colonel Dmitry Zakharchenko in the period of service received a bribe in the amount of 800 thousand rubles from the businessman in the form of payment in the hotels of Sochi. On Thursday, February 27, according to the Investigative Committee of Russia. Also in the period from November 2007 to August 2016 Zakharchenko received a monthly bribe from a group of entrepreneurs. The total amount of bribes exceeded $ 1.4 billion. The money police officer received for General support of commercial business activity until his arrest in September 2016. Previously Zakharchenko was charged under part 6 of article 290 of the criminal code of Russian Federation (“bribe reception in especially large size”). Accusation under article 291 (“bribery”) brought against businessman Valery Markelov. Trustees Zakharchenko Vasily Kretinin and former lawyer Victor Belevtsova — accused of bribery mediation. In June of last year Dmitry Zakharchenko was sentenced to 13 years in prison and a fine in the amount of 117 million rubles for obstructing and receiving a bribe of 3.5 million rubles in the form of a discount card in a network of fish restaurants. He was also deprived of state awards and special ranks “police Colonel”. In October, the court reduced the sentence Zakharchenko and has appointed to it punishment in the form of 12.5 years in prison and a fine in the amount of 117 million rubles.

Rich people in the Russian city built the roadway cottages: City: Home:

The inhabitants of one of districts of Vologda took up arms against their new neighbors. As reported by Telegram-channel Mash, local rich people began to build cottages right on the roadway, making it difficult to travel and provokes a large number of emergency situations. Street Revival located near the city centre. With one of its sides is LCD Govorovo, and on the other a rapidly burgeoning cottage village. On three sides it is surrounded with picturesque greenery with a flowing river with Scrofula. This place was so attractive to the wealthy part of the population that some of its representatives have built up their homes to the roadway. New sites capture the territory of the road, blocking the traffic. “It would be easier to go straight than these zigzag to go around on a bad road,” complains a local resident. The people accuse the rich and the district’s administration of wrongdoing. The Russians are unhappy that this place has basically given permission for construction. In addition, residents are outraged that the owners of private houses turned the lights from the road and staged a spontaneous Parking nearby. In Department of municipal economy of Vologda promised to deal with this situation. In the suburban town of Odintsovo arose such a conflict of interest. For several years the inhabitants of buildings can not share the land with the pensioner, whose home was located in the courtyard of the flats. The apartment owners complain that the house has plenty of Parking and spoils the view. However, there are those who are sympathetic to the hostess station. According to local residents, before the construction of the LCD “Odinburg” the pensioner was offered a choice of flat, monetary compensation, and real estate in Israel. However, it did not trade in my old house on all these options.

The financial pyramid “MMM” was revived in Instagram: the Social network: the Internet and the media:

Users of social networks drew attention to Instagram which appeared in the financial “game” whose rules seemed to many like a description of a common in the 90s of the financial pyramid “MMM”. Screenshots Instagram-storis, which describes the scheme of “the game”, said the lady with the nickname Princess Clara. From the text followed that in order to participate the user must translate 2400 rubles on the card of the organizers. After that, he recorded on the “orange line”. There it was reported that as soon as this line will be filled with other invited participants, the gambler will be able to get 19200 rubles. It was argued that “the game” is a win-win. In the comments to her post, many drew attention to the similarity of the described scheme with the principle of the financial pyramid, and noted the revival of “MMM”. So, for example, a user with the nickname “the dog stooped” said: “Some did not catch the “MMM”, and you can see them”. A commenter by the name of Peter Tretyakov suggested that those who want to earn thus money, may lose friends. Some noted that the idea is not new. Microbloggers nick and Tess said that faced with such proposals for the third year in a row. “It was 2020, pyramid schemes slipped from street sales of dietary Supplements in the social network,” was poironizirovat @FoxLovingBoxes. Earlier in February, it was reported that users of the PayPal payment system and electronic payment system Google Pay complained that their accounts started to lose money. It was assumed that the attackers gained access to virtual maps, which are created when you bind the accounts.

Outstanding all lined tanks for T-90 for premiums militants made fun of the network: Conflicts: Peace:

The militants fighting government forces in Syria, trying to give them any tank lined for modern T-90 for additional prizes. This behavior of the terrorists made fun of Twitter users. In particular, in one of the accounts the social network has a humorous “Guide Interscope rebel tanks”, in which different models of tanks (T-55, T-62 and T-72) and BMP labeled as T-90. As marks “RG: Russian weapons” similar to the reaction users have caused the emergence of a network of many videos, which allegedly depicted the destruction of the T-90 anti-tank guided missiles militants. Most videos are filmed so that you can determine the model of the wrecked fighting vehicles for personnel is not possible, but the authors consistently claim that they managed to hit another T-90. The reason of mass distribution of such rollers, the newspaper believes, is the desire of terrorists to earn more money: some rely reward them for destroying any armoured vehicle of the Syrian army, but the reward for the T-90 much more. In early February, the jihadists managed to capture belonged to the governmental forces T-90 after the Syrian military had left him during the retreat from the village Zita in Aleppo. Later, the terrorists several times sent a tank of this model in the fight against the Syrian army.

The model decided to paint the whites of the eyes and blind: People: From life:

A resident of the Polish city of Wroclaw blind in one eye due to a botched procedure on how to dye the whites of the eyes. This publication reports the Daily Mail. Four years ago, the model of Alexander Sadovsky (Aleksandra Sadowska), who was then 21, decided to paint the whites of the eyes black. It was inspired by a popular Polish rapper Popeka (Popek), who painted the whites of the eyes in 2012. Sadovsky appealed to the wrocław tattoo artist, which, as it turned out, had never done such procedures. Instead of a special pigment he injected into her eyeballs ordinary tattoo ink. When the girl complained of pain, the tattoo artist said it is normal and advised to take painkillers. Over the next four years Sadovsky blind in the right eye and lost some vision left eye. According to doctors, unsuccessful the procedure for staining the whites of the eyes irreparably damaged her eyesight, and in the future the girl is waiting for total blindness. The tattoo artist is threatened with imprisonment for the term up to three years on charges of intentional infliction of serious bodily injury. He refused to admit guilt. Have popek is a popular Polish singer and the participant of fights without rules, well-known extravagant antics. He went on painting the whites of the eyes, when he starred in a documentary film. “Hurt was the next day, he told the rapper. — The feeling about eyes put out cigarettes. I couldn’t sleep and cried all day.” Despite this, he managed to preserve vision. In 2019, it was reported that a resident of the Australian state of New South Wales was temporarily blinded after dyeing the whites of the eyes. “If the procedure is carried out according to the rules, people should not go blind, she said. — I lost vision for three weeks and it was horrible”.

Russia has blocked a Google account: state economy: Economy:

The Federal tax service (FTS) of Russia has blocked the account “daughters” of the American Corporation Google “Citibank”, reports the Agency “Moscow” with reference to the decision authority. “The decisions on suspension for a specified taxpayer has”, — stated in the documentation. The account was opened OOO “Google” is locked Thursday, February 27. The reason for blocking is unknown. The press service of the Russian office Google is not able to provide a prompt review. However, the database of bailiffs shows that the company has two Executive production. It goes on repayment of the state fee and certain sanction of property character in favour of physical and legal persons. In sum, both claims amount to 4.1 thousand rubles. In turn, according to the database on any tax debts in excess of thousands of rubles from the company are not available. Blocking the account means that the owner cannot open a new account and to make transactions up to the amount specified in the resolution. A source close to the company “Google”, claims that the lock was the result of a technical error, writes “Kommersant”. Also in the edition found out that on February 13 in the company’s new Director — in place of Carlo Biondo came David Sneddon. Earlier it was reported that the French competition authority has fined Google € 150 million over the unclear rules for the placement of advertising on its platform.

A quarter of Ukrainians opposed the Russian-language education: Ukraine: Former Soviet Union:

A quarter of Ukrainians spoke out against the possibility to obtain education in Russian language. This is according to the survey conducted by the Kiev international Institute of sociology (KIIS), which lead Ukrainian news. That Russian-language education in the country should not be in any form, said only 24 percent of respondents. While 40 percent of respondents said that the government should provide the opportunity to learn Russian in those regions where the majority of the population uses this language in everyday life and needs education on it. 33 percent of respondents supported the opportunity to study in the Russian language throughout Ukraine. January 16, Ukrainian MPs adopted the law on secondary education that terminates in the country of Russian-speaking schools. Students from Russian-speaking families in the fifth grade should learn the Ukrainian language at least 80 percent of the items. Training program in Russian are canceled. For Hungarian pupils in the fifth grade, 20 percent of subjects should be studied in Ukrainian, by the ninth grade, this proportion will reach 40 percent in the 10-m and 11-m — up to 60 percent of subjects. Crimean Tatars will receive education in their native language in parallel with studying Ukrainian.